Forging Leaders Performance Academy (FLPA) is an integrated leadership development program, forging resiliency and mental toughness to succeed on and off the field at an elite level.

Elite performers require elite preparation, which requires mental and physical reps and the coaches put a premium on both. Elite preparation requires a powerful combination of drive and discipline: the drive to do the work and the discipline to do it with intention. This is the first Pilar of Peak Performance; Competitive Excellence.

FPLA Team events are intentionally designed to put players into challenging mental and physical situations to train them on how to respond with toughness. This is the second Pillar of Peak Performance; Mental Toughness.

We develop and embrace the mindset of no plays off and if we want to win in the future, we teach you must win the grind today. This is the third Pillar of Peak Performance; Relentless Effort.

The event is designed to test and strengthen the bond of the team. FLPA understands that there is no force more powerful than a group of men/or women who share a common commitment to each other and to achieving their mission. This is the fourth Pillar of Peak Performance; Unit Cohesion.

The coaches understand the importance and effectiveness of all individuals on a team operating and moving in the same direction with confidence, clarity, and purpose. This is the fifth Pillar of Peak Performance; Communication.