“This past year I met John and Jenn Robinson, what a blessing. Once we started conversing, I realized we had so much in common. For instance, our love for GOD, our goals and onjectives to help youth and to build up the positive characteristics that are most important for success.  I decided to ask JRobs to help with Michael Crabtree’s football camp in Dallas and I also asked him to be a part of my 18th Annual Football Camp (Texarkana).  His training and personal concepts made a lasting impression on all the campers as well as the Professional Football Players. We had Ted Ginn, Jr., Delaney Walker from the S.F. 49’ers, Michael Wallace from Pittsburg Steelers, and DeMarcus Love of the Minnesota Vikings and Ex-Pro Legends all made comments on JRobs expert training drills and his abilities to teach, and explain all the important tips of running and how the body responds.  When I look back on the past year of 2012, I know that meeting JRobs and Jenn was divine. We have become close friends and I really look forward to a long lasting relationship. I know that their Performance Center and what they teach and promote will give ALL athletes a formula for Success. I completely support and endorse JRobs Personal Training Program.”


bloggs3Byron Williams#87 Giants Receiver, Dallas Former Players Chapter


“I was a little hesitant at first to take a volleyball team of 11 year old’s to a performance training, but I am so glad I did. I got to watch these girls get pushed physically and mentally as individuals and as a team. These young girls learned skills that some athletes may not learn in their whole career. They were forced to be uncomfortable individually and as a team, while working through it in an encouraging but tough environment. We were a good team finishing 5th in tournaments, but after this training this team won a tournament and the next played in a tournament successfully with 4 players out. I don’t believe they would have been able to rise as confidently and prepared as they did in those challenging situations if it weren’t for having learned how to operate while uncomfortable and under pressure. As a coach I have a new found importance and focus on pushing my players to be uncomfortable and to push them beyond their limits, because that is where growth and development happens. These girls are better athletes and teammates because of this training, and I am a stronger, more intentional coach. Watching JRob work with my girls showed me what tough love really looks like and the importance of balancing pushing them while staying encouraging and in their corner so that they end up successful. In a short 3 hours of sitting back and watching someone else work my team, I learned more about the makings of this team and what each of them brings to the table than any amount of time I had spent in practice with them. He was able to create a disciplined, confident, and mentally improved group of girls that day. I would absolutely bring my team and any future team back again.”


bloggs3Shelby StinnettTexas Pistols Volleyball


“We cannot say enough about JRob’s program! It truly changed the culture of our team. Yes, the day was grueling for our girls, but they finished the day with such a sense of accomplishment and a new sense of team unity. The way that he poured into our girls, not just that day but throughout the rest of their season, was amazing. Our girls developed such a bond with JRob during those six hours and seeing him at their competitions cheering for them meant the world. We truly believe we would not have won State Runner Up without his program and leadership.”


bloggs3Birdville Cheer CoachesBurk, Jaska, & Kempe


“JRob and his Forging Leaders Performance Academy was the best decision we made for our 13U Volleyball team. Our team had the talent and skills to compete at a high level, while lacking teamwork and mental toughness. Performance and morale began to decline after many tough losses, we were ready to accept that this was the best our team would be. We heard about JRob’s program and decided to reach out for more information. We had a lot of questions and doubt initially, thankfully during that time JRob was very informative, clear, and patient. A month after our team attended his academy, we placed 2nd out of 30 teams and 5th out of 95 teams. His training works, the girls still use his phrases to this day to remind each other to continue to push hard. You won’t find anyone filled with more passion about helping people than you will find in JRob. ”


bloggs3Fieldhouse 13’s VolleyballCoach Tavis and Coach Sam


“JRobs, Forging Leaders Performance Academy gave my open level 14U girls juniors volleyball team a complete sense of team unity, It helped them to set individual and team goals and gave them an understanding the work it takes to achieve those goals. The five points of performance that Forging Leaders is based in is about more than sports it’s about meeting the challenges of life. ”


bloggs3Texas Pistols 14 BlackJosh Foreman, Head Coach


“For over a decade, we have had a quality high school soccer program, but as coaches we struggled getting our girls to play at another level. We knew the importance of mental toughness but didn’t know how to instill that in our players. Coach J-Rob has been the most important component that we’ve added this year. Since he joined our team, he has made me a better coach, and my girls are currently playing with a new confidence and mentality that can withstand any obstacle. Thanks, J-Rob! Keep up the good work!”


bloggs3Birdville High School, Lady Hawks SoccerCoach Geof Nichols


“JRobs leadership training program was a phenomenal team building experience and changed the way I view our team leaders. He held us all accountable from the start and built us up. I witnessed our leadership team accomplish both physical and mental feats that I had no idea they could accomplish. We are all better leaders for this class and I would definitely recommend JRob as a motivational leader and strength coach. We will do this program again soon and be even better leaders!”


bloggs3Alfac CooperationJason Weeks, District Sales Coordinator


“Coach JROB is a phenomenal teacher of the MIND/BODY/SPIRIT connection. He trains to inspire and activate your inner champion. To be a champion, to have a championShip  mindset, all three factors have to be engaged. Sometimes it takes tough love to get into the nooks and crannies, this takes a talented coach. Sometimes TLC is needed, this takes a talented coach. It takes experience, knowledge and a keen awareness to know “how” to get into those dark places and help make people learn how phenomenal they are.

This is Coach JROBs gift.”


bloggs3Sita ThompsonFounder of Sita Couture Fashion